KOI FILMS is a full fledged production house. KOI FILMS is run by M.K. Meng and Iqbal Arrasyid. Together we have vast experience in the field of production, understanding the needs of the client and agency (being ex – agency producer and executive producer for a local production house in Jakarta). We have had privilege to work on global brands i.e Coca Cola, Nescafe, Pizza Hut, L’oreal, Mastercard, Guiness, Salem, Cussons and local brand “Gudang Garam Surya 16” during our tenure as agency producer.

We have learned that each brand has different needs, and it’s important to understand them. Thus our valuable experience from a production perspective will be a great help in delivering your advertising needs.

KOI FILMS have directors support from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Indonesia. There is range of expertise to cater to your needs and budget. Regional production link with Australia, Thailand and Malaysia so we have the network to provide you the service for regional productions.

We are into our sixth year with the support of our client are :

Tobacco, Food&Beverage, Electronic, Bank, Telecommunication, Online Trading, Health Care Kids & Babies.